Why Nike is the best athletic brand

Without doubt, Nike is the best athletic brand not only in the United States of America, but in the World. The company has managed to do what few other athletic companies have managed to do, and that is to keep on bettering their brand. This has helped them grow from strength to strength since its inception. This saw to it that the company grew to be not only the best brand in athletics, but also one of the best brands in the world. But how has the company managed to do this over the years? Below are four reasons as to why Nike is the best Athletic brand in the world.

Nike has managed to grow with to its founding mission as it cornerstone of operations, and that is to continually create quality products for athletes and all the while focusing on making them better. As much as the company has employed other strategies that saw to it that its brand presence in the athletics world kept on increasing, the fact that all its products are top quality has played a major role in making sure that the apparel company stayed at the top. Nike products are not only durable, but offer it’s users a lot of comfort that enhances their performance in whatever sport they are engaged in.

Athlete endorsements is one other factor that Nike has cleverly used to make sure that its brand gets to be the best. Nike keeps on spending a big part of their revenues in a quest to get the best athletes in each sport to use their products. From tennis, football and swimming to basketball. The aim has always been to make sure that various sports personalities are seen using Nike products while they win championships and score goals. This worked to help associate the company with sports success, thereby prompting anyone who wants to engage in any form of sports to get a Nike product if at all they want to be successful.

Nike’s success can also be attributed to its consistency in its quest to become a part of pop culture by using entertainment and social issues as a way of addressing provocative issues. Nike has successfully been able to use the athletes they endorse to make bold statements about issues that affect the society such as racism, AIDS, cancer and equality. By so doing, they have successfully used sports as a metaphor and lens to view society. This is one of the things that sets Nike apart from other brands since other brands have failed to use sportswear to feed their brand into cultures and subcultures.

Competition from other athletics brand has also played a role in Nike’s success as the best athletic brand. Nike faces stiff competition from companies such as Adidas, Puma, New Balance, UnderArmour and Lululemon. This competition has only worked to make sure that there is an increase in research and innovation to release products that consumers find irresistible.

Nike has done all these things so successfully, that virtually everyone on the planet has heard of them. And in the developed world, it seems that everyone owns a pair of Nikes. Whether you’re the CEO of your own company, whether you work at an Escondido CA tree service, or a bar in Detroit; whether you’re a schoolkid or a school principal or a school janitor…chances are, you have a pair of Nikes in your closet or your gym bag…if not on your feet right now.

All in all, Nike’s success in general as a sports brand can be collectively be attributed to how they have cleverly managed to leverage their star athlete endorsements with creative advertisements to show that they are more than just a sports apparel company.