Spokespeople of Nike

Any brand selling any product will do better if they have a famous face behind it. Granted, if you are famous then one will only ally him or herself with brands that are respected, well-known and can afford to pay well for getting the rights to plaster a famous face next to whatever it is selling, whether it be water (Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater), shoes (all those that have at one point or another endorsed Nike), and in this case, luxury watches.

Nike work through their consistent visual, logos and slogans determined using well-known athletes as spokespeople for the transfer of non-tangible of their brand. Nike is the leader in its market category and one of the world’s most recognizable brands.Listed below are top Nike spokespeople.

10. Kobe Bryant

In his twelfth year as a Nike pitchmen (in the wake of beginning with Adidas), Kobe is right now amidst a five year and $40 million contract, pegging him at $8 million every year. Notwithstanding this $8 million, he wins $23.5 million from his normal everyday employment as shooting watchman for the Los Angeles Lakers.

9. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant turned down $70 million from Adidas to rep Nike, which offered $8.5 million every year for seven years–I surmise Durant is a major aficionado of swooshes. In any occasion, joined with his $18 million every year pay from the Thunder, Durant is in all likelihood the most generously compensated occupant of Oklahoma City. This is probably valid as Durant additionally acquires underwriting checks from Gatorade, 2K Sports, Spring, Panini, and General Electric.

8. Maria Sharapova

What does it take for a lady to best the $8 million imprint in Nike supports? Clearly she should win the US, French, and Australian Opens alongside Wimbledon: the Career Grand Slam. Sharapova is genuinely an inconceivable competitor however, winning these distinctions close by an Olympic Silver Medal over almost 10 years. Interestingly, she experienced childhood in Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

7. Roger Federer

Amidst a ten year and nine digit contract ($100,000,000 more than ten years), Federer fabricated his name (and his agreement) by going on an incredible dash of showing up in verging on each Grand Slam Final from 2005 to 2010. In his vocation in general, he has won 17 Grand Slams, more than whatever other male tennis star ever (Serena Williams has additionally won 17, and the record of 24 is held by Margaret Court of Australia).

6. Derek Jeter

This one-time ruler of New York is currently pushing forty–but as his Nike promotions broadcast, “hustle has no age farthest point.” And it’s actual: Jeter is hustling for Nike and getting paid eight-figures for it amidst his ten year, $100 million contract.

5. Rafael Nadal

Federer’s Spanish rival on the tennis court is a Nike companion off it–a somewhat better paid one, gauges propose. In spite of the fact that the full contract has not been made open, taking Nadal’s aggregate income and other known contracts proposes he’s simply above $10 million, including sovereignties. That is just about $1 million for each of his 11 profession Grand Slam titles, which appears like a reasonable rate to me.

4. LeBron James

The King on the court comes in fourth off it (albeit tops among current hotshot). His present manage Nike surpasses even his $13 million every year new kid on the block bargain, despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly touch his $19 million b-ball contract from the Miami Heat. On the off chance that you ask him however, he’s came up short on, having never gotten a maximum contract!

3. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been a standout amongst the most popular competitors of the century. A few even claim he’s given the game of golf a name in pop culture. In addition to the fact that he is one of the most generously compensated supports that Nike has tackled, however doing as such was progressive for the organization who didn’t have a golf division before Woods.

2. Rory McIlroy:

Drawing closer the top as one of the competitors with the greatest supports from Nike is golfer Rory McIlroy from Ireland. His Nike accumulation offers everything a golfer could ever require before taking off to the green; including polos, jeans, shorts, and apparatus.

1. Michael Jordan:

Michael Jordan is not just a standout amongst the most understood and adored b-ball players ever, but at the same time he’s the player with the greatest support from Nike. Air Jordans were presented in 1984, and since the time that they’ve been probably the most well known athletic shoes available. Truth be told, Jordan still gets Nike underwriting cash notwithstanding the way that he has not been on the expert court subsequent to 2003.

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