Nike’s Best Products

There is no denying the fact that Nike has always been an innovator. Nike had been recognized for the running shoes brand in its initial period. Now the situation is very different; people feel proud while using a product by Nike. From Nike shoes to clothing and from sports accessories to Nike watches, every product by Nike is being loved and appreciated. Nike has learned that modern brand creation is done through the creation of communities that allow Nike and the customer to engage in real time conversation. For this reason, Nike has very limited traditional media campaigns.

Nike has created a running community that brands its products. Nike communicates interactively with their customers with a performance-tracking wrist band. The hand wrist brand stores the athlete’s performance statistics. This permits Nike to personalize all their products with the client. Nike can create an individualized community especially for this kind of one runner. By learning the runner, as well as the runner’s progress and goals, Nike can set up a personal training regime for the runner. They can suggest particular products and wellness supplements just for that one runner. They can easily create an individualized running or perhaps exercise program exclusively for that runner. They can talk running races that will be planned for that place. They have understanding of potential training partners, inside the runner’s neighborhood, that the runner could hook up with to aid in training. The community works like a runner’s LinkedIn. What this kind of does is change Nike from being simply a sneaker in the store, to a trusted friend. You reject products, but you never reject an associate, specifically a trusted friend. This can be an ensures that modern brands are manufactured.


The building of communities features established more targeted printing plus more efficient uses of Nike’s financial resources. In the days of outdated media, when Nike targeted a particular event, just like the Super Bowl, Nike could reach 200 , 000, 000 on a special occasion. Now, with its targeted customer residential areas, Nike can hit that figure EACH DAY.

Nike’s old media campaigns created brand image, which was historic in its day. The communities that Nike is able to develop create intimate conversations with specific individuals. Each of these individuals now has a personalized laboratory, as it were. This laboratory allows Nike to develop and offer specialized products to specific individuals. It can do this by studying the individual’s behaviors and patterns.

Nike understands that the market that is critical to them, the 18-34, gets most of its media and product information on social media networks. This is where Nike does the preponderance of its advertising. Places such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It is through these networks that Nike can create personalized relationships with individual customers.

The results can be seen in Nike’s analytics. The running division, which puts a great emphasis on developing running communities, is now up 30%. The running division is now a $2.8 billion brand for Nike.
Yes, Nike is a huge company, but what they have done is applicable to a beginning start up. It is for this reason that everyone should study how modern Nike creates it brand.

Let us talk about some attractive features of Nike sport watches. The first superiority is the display. The digital display is powered with a light that works in any atmosphere even in bright sunshine. You can always see the time even in a small look at your wrist. Multiple alarm system is very useful for those who are engaged in time sports. One can set more than one alarms to keep him updated. For those who are engaged with high energy consuming sports can set alarm to recall them for drink water so they may avoid dehydration. List of the attractive features of Nike sport watches is long enough therefore it is recommended to have a look over some related websites online for more information.

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