Spokespeople of Nike

Any brand selling any product will do better if they have a famous face behind it. Granted, if you are famous then one will only ally him or herself with brands that are respected, well-known and can afford to pay well for getting the rights to plaster a famous face next to whatever it is selling, whether it be water (Jennifer Aniston for SmartWater), shoes (all those that have at one point or another endorsed Nike), and in this case, luxury watches.

Nike work through their consistent visual, logos and slogans determined using well-known athletes as spokespeople for the transfer of non-tangible of their brand. Nike is the leader in its market category and one of the world’s most recognizable brands.Listed below are top Nike spokespeople.

10. Kobe Bryant

In his twelfth year as a Nike pitchmen (in the wake of beginning with Adidas), Kobe is right now amidst a five year and $40 million contract, pegging him at $8 million every year. Notwithstanding this $8 million, he wins $23.5 million from his normal everyday employment as shooting watchman for the Los Angeles Lakers.

9. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant turned down $70 million from Adidas to rep Nike, which offered $8.5 million every year for seven years–I surmise Durant is a major aficionado of swooshes. In any occasion, joined with his $18 million every year pay from the Thunder, Durant is in all likelihood the most generously compensated occupant of Oklahoma City. This is probably valid as Durant additionally acquires underwriting checks from Gatorade, 2K Sports, Spring, Panini, and General Electric.

8. Maria Sharapova

What does it take for a lady to best the $8 million imprint in Nike supports? Clearly she should win the US, French, and Australian Opens alongside Wimbledon: the Career Grand Slam. Sharapova is genuinely an inconceivable competitor however, winning these distinctions close by an Olympic Silver Medal over almost 10 years. Interestingly, she experienced childhood in Sochi, home of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

7. Roger Federer

Amidst a ten year and nine digit contract ($100,000,000 more than ten years), Federer fabricated his name (and his agreement) by going on an incredible dash of showing up in verging on each Grand Slam Final from 2005 to 2010. In his vocation in general, he has won 17 Grand Slams, more than whatever other male tennis star ever (Serena Williams has additionally won 17, and the record of 24 is held by Margaret Court of Australia).

6. Derek Jeter

This one-time ruler of New York is currently pushing forty–but as his Nike promotions broadcast, “hustle has no age farthest point.” And it’s actual: Jeter is hustling for Nike and getting paid eight-figures for it amidst his ten year, $100 million contract.

5. Rafael Nadal

Federer’s Spanish rival on the tennis court is a Nike companion off it–a somewhat better paid one, gauges propose. In spite of the fact that the full contract has not been made open, taking Nadal’s aggregate income and other known contracts proposes he’s simply above $10 million, including sovereignties. That is just about $1 million for each of his 11 profession Grand Slam titles, which appears like a reasonable rate to me.

4. LeBron James

The King on the court comes in fourth off it (albeit tops among current hotshot). His present manage Nike surpasses even his $13 million every year new kid on the block bargain, despite the fact that it doesn’t exactly touch his $19 million b-ball contract from the Miami Heat. On the off chance that you ask him however, he’s came up short on, having never gotten a maximum contract!

3. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been a standout amongst the most popular competitors of the century. A few even claim he’s given the game of golf a name in pop culture. In addition to the fact that he is one of the most generously compensated supports that Nike has tackled, however doing as such was progressive for the organization who didn’t have a golf division before Woods.

2. Rory McIlroy:

Drawing closer the top as one of the competitors with the greatest supports from Nike is golfer Rory McIlroy from Ireland. His Nike accumulation offers everything a golfer could ever require before taking off to the green; including polos, jeans, shorts, and apparatus.

1. Michael Jordan:

Michael Jordan is not just a standout amongst the most understood and adored b-ball players ever, but at the same time he’s the player with the greatest support from Nike. Air Jordans were presented in 1984, and since the time that they’ve been probably the most well known athletic shoes available. Truth be told, Jordan still gets Nike underwriting cash notwithstanding the way that he has not been on the expert court subsequent to 2003.

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Why Nike is the best athletic brand

Without doubt, Nike is the best athletic brand not only in the United States of America, but in the World. The company has managed to do what few other athletic companies have managed to do, and that is to keep on bettering their brand. This has helped them grow from strength to strength since its inception. This saw to it that the company grew to be not only the best brand in athletics, but also one of the best brands in the world. But how has the company managed to do this over the years? Below are four reasons as to why Nike is the best Athletic brand in the world.

Nike has managed to grow with to its founding mission as it cornerstone of operations, and that is to continually create quality products for athletes and all the while focusing on making them better. As much as the company has employed other strategies that saw to it that its brand presence in the athletics world kept on increasing, the fact that all its products are top quality has played a major role in making sure that the apparel company stayed at the top. Nike products are not only durable, but offer it’s users a lot of comfort that enhances their performance in whatever sport they are engaged in.

Athlete endorsements is one other factor that Nike has cleverly used to make sure that its brand gets to be the best. Nike keeps on spending a big part of their revenues in a quest to get the best athletes in each sport to use their products. From tennis, football and swimming to basketball. The aim has always been to make sure that various sports personalities are seen using Nike products while they win championships and score goals. This worked to help associate the company with sports success, thereby prompting anyone who wants to engage in any form of sports to get a Nike product if at all they want to be successful.

Nike’s success can also be attributed to its consistency in its quest to become a part of pop culture by using entertainment and social issues as a way of addressing provocative issues. Nike has successfully been able to use the athletes they endorse to make bold statements about issues that affect the society such as racism, AIDS, cancer and equality. By so doing, they have successfully used sports as a metaphor and lens to view society. This is one of the things that sets Nike apart from other brands since other brands have failed to use sportswear to feed their brand into cultures and subcultures.

Competition from other athletics brand has also played a role in Nike’s success as the best athletic brand. Nike faces stiff competition from companies such as Adidas, Puma, New Balance, UnderArmour and Lululemon. This competition has only worked to make sure that there is an increase in research and innovation to release products that consumers find irresistible.

Nike has done all these things so successfully, that virtually everyone on the planet has heard of them. And in the developed world, it seems that everyone owns a pair of Nikes. Whether you’re the CEO of your own company, whether you work at an Escondido CA tree service, or a bar in Detroit; whether you’re a schoolkid or a school principal or a school janitor…chances are, you have a pair of Nikes in your closet or your gym bag…if not on your feet right now.

All in all, Nike’s success in general as a sports brand can be collectively be attributed to how they have cleverly managed to leverage their star athlete endorsements with creative advertisements to show that they are more than just a sports apparel company.

Nike’s Worst Products

Nike is one of the leading American multinational corporation that has been designing, developing, manufacturing as well as doing international sales and marketing of apparel, equipment, footwear, accessories, and other services. Indeed, Nike is one of the largest apparel providers and athletic shoes all over the world. Its headquarters is based in Beaverton, Oregon, and the company was started on the 25 day of January, 1964. One of the greatest achievement of Nike is that there is probably no sport in the world that has been conducted without the Nike’s products. Despite the fact that Nike products have been trusted and applauded around the globe by many sportswomen and men, there are some of its products that have never met the expectation of users.

The following are some of the worst products ever produced by Nike:

#1. Nike Airmax Model

There is no doubt that Nike Airmax model is one of the poorest product ever produced by the above company. The arch area of this shoe has an embroidered curve that most users do not find it cool. This curve has another negative feature; it compromises the stability of the entire shoe. Moreover, when it is laid on a surface that is flat, only close to a quarter length of the shoe gets in contact with the surface. In most cases, it is hard to see a flat area on Airmax sole, which makes the shoe uncomfortable. While at the same position, the above shoe rocks back, forth, and sideways.

#2. Nike Air Force 1 CMFT Low

The above is another popular product of Nike that is commonly known as ��The Glove.’ For the last decade, the above pair boasts of its modern look. However, this attribute has since been loathed my many wearers, probably due to its weight. The heavy weight of Air Force one has made it one of the worst Nike products.

#3. LeBron 12

LeBron 12 is another product from Nike that has a HexZoom unit placed in the forefoot, purposely for impact protection. Despite the fact that LeBron is designed with Hyperposite wings to offer additional support while negotiating sharp bends, this feature has made it pretty clunky. This is because it makes it incapable of supporting graceful posture or movement. Hence, many sportsmen and women find it a worst product ever!

#4. Lunar Ballistec

The Nike’s Lunar Ballistec has since been the signature boot for Rafael Nadal. It is applauded for its great cushioned midsole, which is eminent when you want something to help you bounce on your step; hence an outstanding sporting shoe. However, its durability is never guaranteed since it wears out pretty fast as soon as you wear it out.

#5. The Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour

This is another product from Nike that has had a bunch of disappointments. It has been the favorite for sportspeople who like playing tennis. It has a zoom cushioning feature at the heels that makes it good for landing. Nevertheless, the above shoe is considered as great when it can be able to stand the test of time, a feature that the above product has terribly failed. Also, its outsole wears out quickly, which means its durability is not guaranteed.

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Nike’s Best Products

There is no denying the fact that Nike has always been an innovator. Nike had been recognized for the running shoes brand in its initial period. Now the situation is very different; people feel proud while using a product by Nike. From Nike shoes to clothing and from sports accessories to Nike watches, every product by Nike is being loved and appreciated. Nike has learned that modern brand creation is done through the creation of communities that allow Nike and the customer to engage in real time conversation. For this reason, Nike has very limited traditional media campaigns.

Nike has created a running community that brands its products. Nike communicates interactively with their customers with a performance-tracking wrist band. The hand wrist brand stores the athlete’s performance statistics. This permits Nike to personalize all their products with the client. Nike can create an individualized community especially for this kind of one runner. By learning the runner, as well as the runner’s progress and goals, Nike can set up a personal training regime for the runner. They can suggest particular products and wellness supplements just for that one runner. They can easily create an individualized running or perhaps exercise program exclusively for that runner. They can talk running races that will be planned for that place. They have understanding of potential training partners, inside the runner’s neighborhood, that the runner could hook up with to aid in training. The community works like a runner’s LinkedIn. What this kind of does is change Nike from being simply a sneaker in the store, to a trusted friend. You reject products, but you never reject an associate, specifically a trusted friend. This can be an ensures that modern brands are manufactured.


The building of communities features established more targeted printing plus more efficient uses of Nike’s financial resources. In the days of outdated media, when Nike targeted a particular event, just like the Super Bowl, Nike could reach 200 , 000, 000 on a special occasion. Now, with its targeted customer residential areas, Nike can hit that figure EACH DAY.

Nike’s old media campaigns created brand image, which was historic in its day. The communities that Nike is able to develop create intimate conversations with specific individuals. Each of these individuals now has a personalized laboratory, as it were. This laboratory allows Nike to develop and offer specialized products to specific individuals. It can do this by studying the individual’s behaviors and patterns.

Nike understands that the market that is critical to them, the 18-34, gets most of its media and product information on social media networks. This is where Nike does the preponderance of its advertising. Places such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It is through these networks that Nike can create personalized relationships with individual customers.

The results can be seen in Nike’s analytics. The running division, which puts a great emphasis on developing running communities, is now up 30%. The running division is now a $2.8 billion brand for Nike.
Yes, Nike is a huge company, but what they have done is applicable to a beginning start up. It is for this reason that everyone should study how modern Nike creates it brand.

Let us talk about some attractive features of Nike sport watches. The first superiority is the display. The digital display is powered with a light that works in any atmosphere even in bright sunshine. You can always see the time even in a small look at your wrist. Multiple alarm system is very useful for those who are engaged in time sports. One can set more than one alarms to keep him updated. For those who are engaged with high energy consuming sports can set alarm to recall them for drink water so they may avoid dehydration. List of the attractive features of Nike sport watches is long enough therefore it is recommended to have a look over some related websites online for more information.

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The History of Nike

First Years
Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) which would later become Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight, an athlete from the University of Oregon, and Bill Bowerman who was his coach. The initial capital of Nike amounted to $1,200 and in their first year they had sales of $8,000. At the beginning, Nike didn’t manufacture any shoes. In fact, it distributed a Japanese company’s shoes. The company was Onitsuka Tiger. It wasn’t until 1973, nine years later that the company changed its named to Nike.

Origin of Nike

The famous Swoosh logo was designed by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971. It wasn’t until three years later that the Swoosh was patented and the company changed its name to Nike. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t Phil Knight nor Bill Boweman who came up with the name. It was their first full-time employee Jeff Johnson. Nike comes from Greek mythology. It is the Greek goddess representing victory.
The first shoes made by Nike itself were manufactured in a waffle iron. This was after Bowerman had the idea of coming up with a grooved sole pattern that would help track athletes have more grip when running when he was making waffles with his wife in 1971.

Just Do It

The iconic Just Do It slogan has a dark history. It was inspired by a serial killer who just before being executed in 1977 said “let’s do it”. This was known only until 2009 in a documentary about Art and History. The first marketing campaign using the Just Do It slogan was done in 1988 when an ad was launched featuring Walt Stack, a veteran runner jogging through the Golden Gate Bridge. The Just Do It slogan has been cataloged as one of the best 5 ad slogans in the past century.

Nike’s Popularity

In 1980, Nike achieved a 50% market share in the U.S. beating its main competitor Adidas. Later on, the company’s stock were offered publicly and could be traded in the market. Nike’s growing capital and abundant cash-flow has allowed it to purchase the following companies:
– Cole Haan (1988)- Bauer Hockey (1994)- Hurley International (2002)- Converse (2003)- Starter (2004)- Umbro (2008)


The first professional athlete endorsed by Nike was tennis player Ilie Nastase. Famous track runners sponsored by Nike include Steve Prefontaine, Carl Lewis, and Sebastian Coe.
It is interesting to note that Michael Jordan is the athlete with the largest earnings coming from a Nike deal. He currently makes around $60 million a year, even though he quit basketball more than 10 years ago.
Famous football players that have had Nike endorsements include Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Thierry Henry among others.


In the 1990s, Nike was victim of many attacks by human right protectors. The Nike sweatshops, which are factories in which Nike products are made providing poor conditions to laborers in China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Famous film maker Michael Moore has exposed them in his documentaries. Child labor allegations as well as abusive conduct on behalf of supervisors have also been reported.

Environment Protection

Nike has launched a pair of campaigns to protect the environment. In fact, it was ranked on the third spot in the most climate friendly companies in the world by Clean Air Cool Planet, a UK environmental organization. Nike also has a Reuse program in which old Nike shoes are collected and recycled to make surfaces for basketball courts, etc.

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